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Learn what the candidates have to say about disability rights!


*Disability Rights NC is non-partisan and does not endorse candidates*

(Candidates without links have not responded to the specific survey or do not directly talk about disability rights on their websites)




Campaign Website

Donald Trump (R)

Gary Johnson (L)


Donald Trump (R)

Gary Johnson (L)


US Senate




Pat McCrory (R)

Roy Cooper (D)

Lon Cecil (L)

NC General Assembly


See which candidates for the NC General Assembly responded to the NAMI NC Questionnaire


 Click on the links to find out more about the  Respect Ability USA Candidate QuestionnaireRevUp Presidential Questionnaire, and NAMI NC QuestionnaireIf you want to hear from one of the candidates who has not responded, contact their campaign and ask them to participate! 



You can also find general information about all of the candidates running in North Carolina by clicking the link the see the 2016 North Carolina Voter Guide.