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You have the right to vote from a facility!

Make sure you are registered to vote and you have requested an absentee ballot

Step 1: Be informed!

  • Get a sample ballot so you know what candidates and issues are on the ballot.

  • Learn about the candidates and what they have to say about disability issues and other issues you care about.


Step 2: Get TWO witnesses. (You only need one if your witness is a notary public.)

  • Your witnesses can be friends, family, fellow residents at your facility, or members of a Multipartisan Assistance Team (MAT), which is made up of volunteers from your local County Board of Elections. Schedule a MAT to be your witnesses by contacting your local County Board of Elections.

  • These witnesses will have to be in your "presence" while you fill out your ballot, but they are required by law to "respect the secrecy of the ballot and [your] privacy" while you fill out your ballot, unless you want their help.

  • Someone who helps you fill out your ballot can also be one of your witnesses.


Step 3: Fill out your ballot.

  • Fill it out yourself or ask someone you trust to help you. Anyone other than facility staff can help you fill out your ballot, but ONLY YOU can decide who to vote for! 

  • Multipartisan Assistance Teams (MATs) can help you fill out your ballot. Schedule a MAT to help you fill out your ballot by contacting your local County Board of Elections. MAT members are not qualified to decide whether or not you have the capacity to vote! If a MAT member won't let you vote, report it!


Step 4: Seal the ballot in the return envelope that came with your ballot.

Step 5: Complete the Absentee Application and Certificate on the back of the envelope.

  • Make sure you sign your ballot return envelope!

  • If someone helped you fill out your ballot, they also need to sign the envelope and date it.

Step 6: Have your witnesses fill out the Witnesses’ Certification section.

Step 7: Send it in!

  • If you are working with a MAT team, they can return your ballot for you! Otherwise, you will have to figure out the correct postage for mailing in your ballot.


American flag

American flag

Congratulations! You have just voted!

If you think your rights were violated, report it!


But you're not done! The best way to protect your rights is to stay engaged.

Visit Disability Rights NC's website to learn more about becoming a self-advocate.


You can also make a tax-deductible donation to Disability Rights NC to help us keep fighting for the rights of people with disabilities!