DRNC partners on “Vote for Access”

Disability Rights North Carolina is proud to partner with other P&As across the country on Vote for Access – a series of five short advocacy videos on the barriers that many disabled voters still face when trying to vote.

Each episode showcases a specific issue that directly impacts voters with disabilities: attitudinal barriers, access to information, access to the polls, access to alternative voting options, and voter suppression. Host, Imani Barbarin, introduces considerations that often aren’t included in conversations about voting rights. Imani is joined by 16 guests from around the country who speak to their experiences as voters, poll workers, and researchers who can help us understand a better way to ensure equality at the polls.

These issues are more important than ever with the whole country grappling with how to hold safe elections, especially for voters most vulnerable to Covid-19. A recent poll found that two-thirds of the electorate favors the use of mail-in ballots. Meaningful change is going to take much more than mailing in ballots.

Vote for Access looks at why so many votes from disabled citizens go uncounted, and how to fix that. The series, which launched on April 29, found that if Americans with disabilities voted at the same rate as non-disabled Americans, more than 2 million more votes would be cast. This series talks to voters across the country, including in North Carolina, to explain why—and what they are doing to change that.

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