How to Vote by Mail

Mailbox with overflowing mail to send out

More people are voting by mail for the 2020 Election than ever before due to COVID-19.

You can request a mail-in ballot online in north Carolina.
The registration deadline for mail-in voting was October 9, 2020.

Check out the information below to learn how to vote by mail using an absentee ballot. There are more restrictions for receiving assistance and who can help you mark your ballot, or witness your vote if you live in a facility. The last tab, “Voting from a Facility,” covers how to get help with voting if you live in a facility.

All About Mail-In Ballots

Use the links below to get more information on each Mail-In Ballot topic.

Completing a Mail-in Ballot

Voting from a Facility

More Resources

Visit the State Board of Elections website for more information on absentee ballots and mail-in voting. 

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NC Board of Elections: 919-733-7173 
Find your County Board 

View Frequently Asked Questions about mail-in voting. 

5 Steps to Mail-In Voting in NC.